For some time I was thinking about extremely hopped, cloudy beer with a distinct bitterness. Unfortunately, such uncompromising beers are usually available only in specialized stores, access to which has been limited by the pandemic. The closest is approximately 50 km away and because of the 5 km travel limit, it is currently unavailable to me.

So instead of looking for an online store option, I looked for inspiration in the beers of one of my favorite breweries by looking at parameters, grains and hop rate.

This beer is not a clone of any commercial beer, only the OG, ABV parameters, and the malt composition were inspired by one of the beer series from the Pinta brewery.


Batch size: 25L (6.5 gal)
Mash water: 22L filtered water + 3/4tsp Gypsum + 1/2tsp Calcium Chloride + 3.5ml Phosphoric Acid 75%
Sparge water: 14L filtered water
Pre-boil gravity: 1.056 (13.8 BLG)
Boil time: 60 min
OG: 1.062 (15.2 BLG)
FG: 1.014 (3.6 BLG)
IBU*=53 EBC*=7 SRM=3.6 ABV=6.4%
BH Efficienty*=75% Est Mash Eff*=82%
* – EST by Beer Smith3


4.5 kgBest Pilzen Malt67.8%
0.8 kgOats Flaked 12.0%
0.54 kgWheat Malt (Weyermann)8.1%
0.4 kgCara Pils (Weyermann)6.0%
0.4 kgWheat Flaked6.0%


60 minColumbus10g13.5%BoilPellet
30 minColumbus15g13.5%BoilPellet
20 minCascade25g6.6%BoilPellet
10 minCitra15g12.8%BoilPellet
30 minCascade25g6.6%Whirlpool*Pellet
30 minCitra25g12.8%Whirlpool*Pellet
30 minGalaxy25g15.7%Whirlpool*Pellet
30 minMosaic25g12.5%Whirlpool*Pellet
3 daysCitra35g12.8%First Dry Hop**Pellet
3 daysGalaxy35g15.7%First Dry Hop**Pellet
3 daysMosaic35g12.5%First Dry Hop**Pellet
3 daysCascade25g6.6%First Dry Hop**Pellet
3 daysCitra50g12.8%Second Dry Hop***Pellet
3 daysGalaxy40g15.7%Second Dry Hop***Pellet
3 daysMosaic40g12.5%Second Dry Hop***Pellet
3 daysCascade25g6.6%Second Dry Hop***Pellet
* Whirlpool @ 75°C (167°F)
** Hops into primary fermentation for last 3 days
*** Hops into secondary fermentation for last 3 days


Lellamand New England – American East Coast Ale Yeast


68°C (154°F)Mash Step75 min
76°C (168°F)Mash Out15 min

BREW DAY– 20/10/2020

Fermentation temp.: 17°C(62°F) – 19°C(66°F)

One sachet of yeast sprinkled directly on the wort. The initial temperature of 17°C (62°F) and raised to 19°C(66°F) at the end of fermentation.

24/10/2020 First dry hops addition (primary fermentation)

29/10/2020 Racking to bottling bucket & second dry hops addition.

02/11/2020 Bottling

For bottling, I prepared 500 ml of glucose solution (95 g of glucose in solution) and dispensed 10 ml per bottle.

06/01/2020 Tasting

This beer is definitely a successful brew. In fact, after a long time of looking for defects, the only thing I could find fault with was a slightly higher than expected yeast flocculation. Another batch from which I did not make a photo report showed that Verdant yeast from the same producer is a better choice for these beers.

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