Idaho 7 & El Dorado Red IPA

This time I intended to check how works hop hash. I get some amount from the master brewer of Hope Brewery in Dublin and I had some pellet of the same hops from Yakima Valley Hops so I used pellet for late boil and hash for dry hopping. Also, I had about 3kg of Red X malt so I go with Red IPA.


Batch size: 25L (6.5 gals)
Mash water: 20L filtered water + 6g Gypsum
Sparge water: 15L filtered water
Pre-boil gravity: 1.049 (12.2 BLG)
Boil time: 60 min
OG: 1.053 (13.1 BLG)
FG: 1.012 (3.1 BLG)
IBU*=69 EBC*=21.5 SRM=10.9 ABV=5.4%
BH Efficienty*=72% Est Mash Eff*= –
* – EST by Beer Smith2


3.60 kgBest RED X61%
0.90 kgGolden Promise15.3%
0.80 kgFlaked Oats13.6%
0.50 kgBest Pilsen8.5%
0.10 kgAcid Malt1.7%


60 minMagnum20g12%BoilPellet
15 minIdaho #730g13%BoilPellet
20 minIdaho #750g13%WhirpoolPellet
20 minEl Dorado20g15%WhirpoolPellet
4 DaysEl Dorado50gDry HopHop Hash
4 DaysIdaho #750gDry HopHop Hash


Mangrove Jack’s US West Coast M44


67°C (152°F)Mash Step75 min
76°C (168°F)Mash Out15 min

BREW DAY– 23.09.2019

Fermentation 17°C (62°F) – 20°C (68°F) on last day.

13.10.2019 Racking to bottling bucked with dry hops.

17.10.2019 Bottling


This is a decent beer. Looks very good, nice ruby red color, creamy foam, medium carbonated. I expected a little more than I get from dry hopping with hop hash so, for now, I don’t see any reason to switch from pellet to hash. Also, I had the opportunity to taste nice session red IPA with 100% red X malt and it was a nice light in taste beer. On my beer red X tastes like addition dark caramel malt what makes me a little confused because I didn’t use any other caramel malts in this beer. But this is a matter of taste and if someone like east coast style IPA with a strong caramel aroma and taste this beer will be very good.

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