Hibiscus Witbier

The idea of this beer has been born when I was reading Michaels Tonsmeire blog. I didn’t want to brew clone of his beer but I planned to make some witbier anyway so I decided to do two versions of my recipe. One more sweeter with hibiscus and second more dry, standard witbier. This is the first one.


Batch size: 25L (6.5 gal)
Mash water: 19L RO filtered water + 0.5tsp Gypsum +0.5tsp Calcium Chloride + 2.5ml Phosphoric Acid 75%
Sparge water: 15L RO filtered water (no addition)
Pre-boil gravity: 1.046 (11.4 BLG)
Boil time: 60 min
OG: 1.051 (12.6 BLG)
FG: 1.014 (3.6 BLG)
IBU=19 EBC=6.5+RED from Hibiscus SRM=3.3+RED from Hibiscus ABV=4.9%


3 kgPilsner Malt (DE)57.7%
1.5 kgTorrified Wheat28.8%
0.5 kgFlaked wheat9.6%
0.3 kgCara Pils3.8%


60 minSelect Spalt20g4.5%BoilPellet
10 minCascade20g6%BoilPellet
10 minSweet Orange1 itemsBoilZest
10 minLemon0.5 itemBoilZest
10 min Coriander crusched seeds7gBoilSeeds
10 min Curaçao 10gBoil Peel
20 minLemon0.5 itemWhirpool Zest
20 minSweet Oranges1 itemWhirpool Zest
20 min Curaçao 10gWhirpool Peel
20 minCascade30g6%WhirpoolPellet
20 min Coriander crusched seeds 8gWhirpoolSeeds
20 min Camomile 4gWhirpoolTea Bags
20 minHibiscus80gWhirpoolTea Bags


Mangrove Jack’s #M21 – Belgian Wit


65°C (149°F)Mash Step75 min
76°C (168°F)Mash Out15 min

BREW DAY– 16.07.2019

29.07.2019 First gravity check

07.08.2019 Second check of gravity and racking to secondary.

22.08.2019 Bottling

After two weeks the final gravity still haven’t changed. I’ve primed beer with 158g dextrose dissolved in 1L boiled water. I finish bottling with 44 bottles.

13.09.2019 Tasting

The beer is medium carbonated so too low for the style. Medium and coarse bubble, unstable foam which probably will improve with time. Nice red color with little haziness. Aroma dominated by hibiscus, but not over dominated. Nice clear witbier yeast character and subtle citrus aroma. Excluding carbonation I am happy with this beer.

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