Firestone 805 Clone

I never tried this beer, but description and opinion pushed me already four times to brew this beer. It looks very simply, it‘s not very hoppy but because of this making this beer is almost so difficult like brewing pilsner. Of course no need to keep a very low temperature, but any mistakes will show up in the finished product.
Originally in this beer I should use yeast WLP-002. I tried this and also S04. This time I go with US-05 and for me this was a good direction.


Batch size: 25L (6.5 gal)
Mash water: 18L filtered water + 0.5tsp Calcium Chloride + 3ml Phosphoric Acid 75%
Sparge water: 16.5L RO filtered water + 1ml Phosphoric Acid 75%
Pre-boil gravity: 1.041 (10.2 BLG)
Boil time: 60 min
OG: 1.046 (11.4 BLG)
FG: 1.010 (2.6 BLG)
IBU*=20 EBC*=9.6 SRM=4.9 ABV=4.7%
BH Efficienty*=73% Est Mash Eff*=7.9%
* – EST by Beer Smith3


4.2 kgPilsen Malt84%
0.4 kgHoney Malt8%
0.4 kgWheat Malt8%


60 minWillamette35g5.7%BoilPellet
0 minWillamette35g5.7%BoilPellet

Yeast: Fermentis US-05


69°C (156°F)Mash Step60 min
76°C (168°F)Mash Out15 min

BREW DAY– 05/11/2019

Fermentation temp.: 16°C(60°F) – 20°C(68°F)

18/11/2019 Racking to bottling bucket

Bottling 28/11/2020

I dissolved 153g glucose in 1L of water and added 20ml to each bottle.


Almost all this beer is gone. Today I’ve tried one of the last bottle, and this beer is still excellent. Using the clear yeast strain was a good idea. Of course is hard to say for me how it is taste compared to original beer, but this I will brew again in the future. The beer is perfectly clear and has medium nice body with subtle honey aroma. The bittering could be a bit higher for me but not all beers has to be very bittered. This is good balanced, nice and easy drinking beer.

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  1. Thank You Rafal for your wonderful work, sharing the clear details and photos. Your choice on the variety of yeasts you have tried is also very helpful.

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