Best Bitter

Example of British best bitter inspired by Jamil Zainasheff recipe “Bitter to be proud of“. On my version, I go up with OG to get best bitter instead of bitter and I have made some changes with the type of hops.


Batch size: 25L (6.5 gal)
Mash water: 18L filtered tap water + 0.5tsp Gypsum + 0.5tsp Calcium Chloride + 3ml Phosphoric Acid 75%
Sparge water: 16.5L RO filtered water (no additions)
Pre-boil gravity: 1.040 (10 BLG)
Boil time: 60 min
OG: 1.045 (11.2 BLG)
FG: 1.014 (3.6 BLG)
IBU=39 EBC=13.8 SRM=7 ABV=4.1%


4.3 kgGolden Promise (Simpson)93.5%
0.50 kgCrystal Malt 120EBC6.5%


60 minNorthdown35g8.5%BoilPellet
3 minEKG30g5%BoilPellet
3 minFirst Gold30g9%BoilPellet
3 minNorthdown30g8.5%BoilPellet


London ESB English Style Ale Yeast – Lallemand


64°C (147°F)Mash Step75 min
76°C (168°F)Mash Out15 min

BREW DAY– 18.06.2019


Fermentation temperature aroud 18°C with finish at 20°C.

Racking to secondary fermentation 06.07.2019

Bottling 11.07.2019

Bottled with addition 148g dexctrose. I get 44 bottles.

07.08.2019 Tasting.

Next time definitely decreases the amount of dextrose for re-fermentation. Beer seems to be over carbonated for a style or very close to it. A little sweeter than I intended but still very drinkable and nice. Toasted malt aroma, earthy hop aromatics, and firm hop bitterness.

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